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Port Logan Botanic Gardens

One thing I decided to do this year was to travel with the 'Gardens of Excellence' bus tours from the GTI (Glenken's Transport Initiative) at the CatStrand in New Galloway. I missed so much of last year with the brain infection and mental health issues that I really wanted to make an effort this year. I enjoy the garden tours...they always bring inspiration and happiness to me.

One of the GTI Buses

So the first trip of the year was to Port Logan Botanical Gardens which is in the South West of Scotland by the coast. Considered to be a gem of the South West Port Logan is part of the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh same as Dawyck in the Scottish Borders. It is home to many tropical plants including palm trees and eucalyptus. The reason why the garden is able to grow such varied plants is because there is a Gulf Stream which warms the gardens giving it's own unique climate which allows plants from Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South/Central America.

Port Logan House

Pick up in St John's Town of Dalry wasn't too early - 9 am pick up in Underhill and then we were off. We had various collection points such as New Galloway and Castle Douglas which is a great service and allows more customers to sign up for the journeys. Our driver, Steven and his partner kept us talking and giving us lots of bits of information as to the location we were going. The last time I was at Port Logan was when I was a young child so it was nice to get reminders about what makes Port Logan so special.

Woodland Pond

Entry to the gardens was £7.00 but you could go into an additional garden by the big house for an extra £4.00 which could be considered as a bit expensive but it is well worth it. Both gardens are different with the more Botanic garden which has lots of varied tropical plants and then the House gardens being more native plants. They are a joy to walk around but one thing I will add is that the Botanic Garden is more pathway friendly for people with difficulties walking. There is some hill but the Walled Garden is suitable for wheelchairs.

Rhododendron in full bloom.

After walking through the gardens I had a lovely lunch at the Potting Shed Cafe, the onsite restaurant in the Botanic Gardens and they had a lot of choice and yummy homemade goods. The Cherry Pie was delicious! We all popped to the onsite shop as well and bought a few plants and I got a lovely hand cream which smells amazing.

Putting the plants safely in the bus.

It was a fantastic day. Something that I had been really looking forward to and was only able to because of the fantastic service from the GTI and I honestly cannot wait till the next one which is down in the Lake District so expect lots more photos and another post!

Lots of love,


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