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Holehird Gardens- Lake District

It's been a while since my last post! So the start off I am apologising. I was helping my parents move house and loss of internet made it difficult to write up this post. However, finally I have managed to sit down and type! So here we go;

Everyone gathered together for picture time

This bus trip was hugely popular so much so that the GTI had to put on two buses! There was people from all over; from Dalry to Dalbeattie to Dumfries.

The weather was beautiful for May - we seem to always be lucky with the weather on our trips which is just as well as the Lake District is so beautiful you really want to be able to see the glorious mountains and views in their full glory.

Peter Hogarth discussing Holehird Gardens

After having lunch in Windermere we arrived at the gardens where we were introduced to Peter Hogarth who gave us a talk on the gardens. Holehird Gardens is a charity run garden and relies on donations as well as the dedicated teams of volunteers to keep it running. There was a wide variety of plants in the gardens including the National Collections of Polystichum, Astilbe, Daboecia and Meconopsis.

One of the various types of plants.

One of the things that surprised me was when Steven, our bus driver, commented that they always try and aim to go to gardens that are similar to our own in terms of climate, soil, etc. So that means that whatever plants we see we know will do well back home giving us tons of inspiration for home projects.

Holehird is definitely a treasure within the Lake District and I encourage anyone who is going through the area to pop in and have a visit!

Miss A.

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